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Sinigang Ranks No. 1 As The World’s Best Vegetable Soup – TasteAtlas

Sinigang Ranks No. 1 As The World’s Best Vegetable Soup – TasteAtlas


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One of the best Filipino dishes, Sinigang, was recognized as the World’s Best-rated Vegetable Soup by Taste Atlas.

Sinigang ranks first among the ten vegetable soups in the world with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, voted by culinary professionals and diners around the world.

The Taste Atlas described Sinigang as “a sour Filipino soup consisting of Sampaloc (fruits of the tamarind tree)” and other spices. Also, ingredients such as pork, fish, milkfish, shrimp, chicken or beef may also be added to the soup.

“Sinigang is traditionally served hot and steamed as a main dish, with rice as its accompaniment. It is an often-seen dish on special occasions such as birthdays or weddings,” they added.

“With its sour lightness perfectly matching the harsh tropical heat of the country, sinigang is a unique soup that is a true representative of Filipino cuisine,” they concluded.

They also recommended three places in Makati that serve the best sinigang: Locavore, Sentro1771, and Fely J’s Restaurant.

This isn’t the first time a Filipino dish has been featured in the encyclopedia of flavors.

In 2019, kare-kare, lechon, and crispy pata were listed among the ‘Top 100 Best Traditional Dishes In The World’.

The Taste Atlas is “an encyclopedia of flavors, a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants.” They have cataloged over 10,000 foods and drinks, and there are dozens of thousands yet to be researched and mapped.

Source: https://www.tasteatlas.com/best-rated-vegetable-soups-in-the-world

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