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Ask any kikay girl what she loves most in life, and it’s probably two things—Shopping and eating. But who knew that 2017 is going to stir a new innovation in terms of shopping. Say hello to Empire Fashion Cafe, it’s the first cafe in Manila to have a cafe in a shopping store, or vice versa. That’s right, aisles upon aisles of clothing racks welcome you inside, most if not all, are online shops that decided to have a physical booth. But at the heart of the shopping store would be a cute cafe.

Tables, seating and a bar is ready for any avid shopper that needs to have a snack break. Their menu is quite generous too—they’ve got a range of pastas, sandwiches, seafood options, frappes and numerous beverages. But don’t worry about dishing out too much cash because the food’s price range would vary only from P50-300.

When your tummy’s full but your basket isn’t, a view of countless clothing and makeup racks are ready to welcome you. The fashion cafe sells graphic tees, bags, perfumes, makeup, cute stationery and even onesies! The best part is the items are what you often see on your favorite online shop accounts, but in the flesh. They’ve got just about everything on trend (even corgi butt backpacks and korean beauty products!). If get out of hand with shopping and run out of cash, they accept credit cards too.

If you’re a busy mom, you won’t even have to worry, because the fashion cafe has prepped a nook just for kids to play. It’s complete with building blocks and soft mats for children to keep themselves busy while moms shop around.

The cafe is located on the second floor of 143 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City. It’s open from Monday to Thursdays from 11:30AM-11PM and Friday to Sunday from 11AM-11PM.

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