Every woman needs her sexual desires fulfilled by her partner. But not every woman can achieve it, and one cause is female sexual dysfunction (FSD). It’s a case that not many women are aware of, when actually 43% of women experience symptoms of FSD. Symptoms include inabilty to achieve orgasm, low desire to engage in sex, difficulty in sexual arousal, and poor vaginal lubrication.

It’s precisely the growing case that VSENSE tries to attend to. It’s basically the first intimate gel designed specifically for women, and not men. It’s safe and natural properties such as Visnadine makes the product unique. It increases blood supply rate that makes it sexual arousal faster to achieve. It also consists of Panicum Miiaceum Extract that helps keet the vagina well hydrated, firm and smooth.

It’s even safe to use before sexual intercourse! But the best part is, the product can be used even on its own, allowing any woman to achieve sexual pleasure or arousal.

VSENSE is now available in leading drugstores nationwide.