Ever wished to go on a mega food trip and sight-seeing around the country?

Worry not, because DoubleDragon just unveiled a food and heritage village where one can experience the different cultures around the Philippines in just one stop.

Housed in DoubleDragon’s 4.8 Hectare DD Meridian Park, Islas Pinas aims to showcase the Filipino culture to both local and foreign tourists. The food and heritage village is DoubleDragon’s collaboration with top chef Margarita Fores whose aim is to to bring the Filipino cuisine and culture to the world.

Isla Pinas offers both rice meals and street foods while inside a comfortable, air-conditioned area. You wouldn’t have to worry about sweating while enjoying that oh-so-yummy ‘tusok-tusok’ delicacies!

Divided into several sections, Isla Pinas features the specialties, local crafts and landmarks from different regions giving its visitors the feel of Filipino cultures without traveling far from home. Less time wasted on traveling and more time for exploration.