Sarah Lahbati On Her Insecurities And How She Hates This One Question

Kapamilya Actress And Mom, Sarah Lahbati tells her own personal story about being tired of the question, “How to be you po?” She bravely shares on her own blog her insecurities that she faced when she was a teenager. This is her own way to empower Filipino women today.

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She wrote, “As a teenager, I felt so unsure, doubtful and self-conscious.

I had wavy hair. I thought I was fat. I moved awkwardly. I wore the wrong clothes, apparently.

I studied in a public high school in Switzerland where students wore casual clothes instead of uniforms. My jeans and t-shirts looked shabby alongside the stylish outfits of my classmates.

It came to the point that when there was a new trend, I had to beg my mom to buy it for me. If my grades and behavior were good, I got what I wanted. But most of the time, I didn’t. My parents taught me the importance of hard work and exerting effort to get what you want.”

She aims to empower women especially the young girls to know how amazing to be just themselves and not to change for anyone else’s approval.

She said that it makes her sick and tired when she hears or reads the question, “How to be you po?” Her point is that people need to stop comparing themselves with other people and also stop stressing out not looking like their Instagram idols.

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She further wrote, “Find true friends who will have a positive influence and bring out the best in you.

Don’t ask the celebs you idolize, “How to be you?” Instead, ask yourself, “How can I be the best that I can be?” and improve yourself.”

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