Just about every woman, until today, knows of Sex and The City (SATC). The iconic show that screamed women empowerment and fashion meddled together. Not only do we know of the show and Sarah Jessica Parker’s (SJP) iconic character, Carrie Bradshaw, but its timeless opening credits. With a bit of twirl, a splash or rain and the Carrie Bradshaw bus ad, every scene can easily be recalled and replayed. But what made the New York city opening credits even more iconic is Carrie’s outfit. With a blush pink top and white tutu, her outfit was the perfect depiction of SJP’s character.

So news went viral just a week ago, when the original opening credits of SATC looked totally different. Apparently SJP was supposed to be twirling (and tripping) around in a powder blue Marc Jacobs dress. While the dress spoke more of the 90s era, it didn’t really resonate with Carrie’s timeless and flamboyant fashion-sense.

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Patrica Field, SATC’s costume designer even revealed that she found the tutu in the bin of a showroom, it was worth $5 and Pat had to recreate four versions just in case the tutu got damaged. It was thanks to her and SJP that the tutu made it to one of the most iconic opening credits to date. She explains in an interview with online website Entertainment Weekly, “It was very difficult for the producers to understand the tutu, Sarah Jessica and I were fighting for it, and Darren [Star] said, ‘OK, but I want other outfits as possibilities.'”

But the blue dress didn’t get a far cry from fame, it was later worn by Winona Rider and was previously rocked by non other than Kate Moss on its debut on the runway. But thanks to SJP and Pat’s great fashion sense, Carrie’s personality is forever embedded in the opening credits we all know and love!

Watch the alternative opening credits that could’ve made the big screen:

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