When it comes to the Met Gala, Rihanna is extremely known for her profound take on the themes. Not only does she dresses up, but she always stays over the top and one with the theme.

The Met Gala is an annual event that benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute and is considered as the pinnacle of New York’s social calendar. Over the years, it has become a reflection of the world’s ever-changing culture. Hundreds of celebrities attend the fundraising event donned in their extravagant outfits, making the red carpet a runway.

This year’s theme for the exhibition was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination,” which opts to showcase how Catholicism has influenced fashion throughout the history.

From dominating stages to dominating red carpets, Rihanna’s sure not to be messing around, she ensures that her outfits would be the talk of the night. Keeping up with the “Heavenly Bodies” motif, Rihanna arrived in a show-stopping, embellished ensemble. She stole the spotlight with how she evoked the grandeur of Catholic vestments.

She totally looked insanely divine in that cream bejeweled gown beneath a flowing overcoat by Maison Margiela.

Yep, Rihanna really did that. Nobody outdid Rihanna’s papal outfit but Rihanna herself. The embellished papal tiara was what caught the attention of everyone the most, and yes, Rihanna was really out there, dressing like the head of Vatican City and the whole Catholicism.

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The singer co-hosted the gala with Anna Wintour, Donatella Versace and Amal Clooney last Monday, and received tons of praises as well as criticisms on her saintly dressing.

There’s nothing really wrong with taking the theme too seriously, is there? This is Rihanna we are talking about anyway. Her outfits from the past Met Gala events are still remarkable now as they were on the day that the world first saw it ever. Everyone was stunned.

Every year, the Rihanna’s outfit for the Met Gala is highly anticipated by everyone. Never did she once disappoint the crowd from winning their attention for being the best-dressed of the night. She never fails to bring her A-game to the said event, and that is why she continues to inspire the fashion industry. No one but the Met Gala queen.

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#bestdressed #MetGala2018 LEE ANTES DE COMENTAR PLEASE Y si realmente piensas que #jlo fue la mejor vestida de la noche, no continúes leyendo, no gastes tu tiempo porque vemos la moda de diferente manera, para mi la moda es moda y para ti la moda es como un concurso de belleza y juventud! Y si!!! Claro que si!!! , en ese concurso, Jlo se llevó la ??! Continuemos; La temática del #MetGala2018 era ; “cuerpo celestial, la moda y la religión católica” El reto es crear un diseño #avandgarde para esta alfombra, dicho más coloquial es moda medio extravagante sin parecer disfraz de #halloween. Mis 3 ?? ?? ?? fueron; #rihanna de la mando de #jhongalliano crearon una pieza controversial, frontal, sin miedo y con un propósito; cautivar tu atención , el fue por muchos años el director creativo de la casa #dior y es una leyenda viviente en la moda. La siempre elegante #blakelively en #Versace y por último #zandaya que fue la única que supo pensar en el catolicismo y en la iglesia de una forma menos controversial, sin usar imágenes sagradas, inspirándose en una campesina que se hizo guerrera tras escuchar la voz De Dios y por su valentía fue canonizada por la iglesia católica en el siglo XV; juana de Arco y de ahí nace esta colaboración con la casa #versace. Viva la moda!!! ???

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