On its 51st anniversary, the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), will mount “JUXTAPOSE”, an interior design exhibit exploring Adaptive Reuse as a solution to design problems. The graduation exhibit will be held on October 1 to 31, at the penthouse of the Santolan Town Plaza in San Juan City.

Adaptive Reuse is the process of reusing old buildings or sites for a purpose other than which it was built for. The PSID 2018 graduating batch will take the challenge of marrying the past and present with designs that breathe new life into historical spaces.


Co-presented by Rockwell, in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and mounted in cooperation with All Home, Boysen, Fyrelynn Industries, Habitat, Ilaw Atbp., Larry’s Curtains, Matimco, Schema, Tierra Plants, and Toto, the 17 well thought out booths challenge the audience, proponents of the conservation of cultural heritage, and developers to find creative solutions in the restoration and rehabilitation of historical structures. JUXTAPOSE seeks to help Filipinos further understand our cultural and historical identity.

Students of the PSID Advanced Class of 2018 will bring together elements from both the past and present for a new, innovatively designed space. JUXTAPOSE will walk the audience through three galleries: “Tahanan”, “Pangkalakal”, and “Pang-industriya”.

Focusing on residential buildings like the iconic “Bahay na Bato”, the “Tahanan” gallery will feature booths such as “The bar beneath…in San Juan”, “The Vigan Atelier”, “Small Space, Big Living”, “Modern Filipino Haven”, “Bridal Boudoir”, and the “Marahuyo Spa and Tea House”. Meanwhile, the “Pangkalakal” gallery showcases booths reminiscent of the streetscapes of Escolta and Avenida Rizal’s commercial streetscapes like the “La Moneda Bookshop and Café”, “CC Café + Creatives”, “Little Café Museum”, “Café 308”, “Kusina Aduana”, and “Below Zero Gelateria”. The “Pang-industriya” gallery highlights design solutions for old industrial sites as will be demonstrated in the booths “Fit Street”, “Dor-Moderno”, “Station No. 15”, “Polo Estacion”, and Gentleman’s Barber Lounge.

Through these three galleries, current interior design concepts such as bed and breakfast inns, AirBnB hostels, co-working spaces, and others are ways in which otherwise forgotten historical structures are brought to life once again. “Tahanan”, “Pangkalakal”, and “Pang-industriya” will serve as inspirations for practical, game-changing interior design solutions, creating a new niche in the concept of Adaptive Reuse.