What better way can you express your love for something than to wear an item that reminds you of it. And what do we 90’s babies love the most back in our jolly childhood days? The 90’s animated series!

Proclaim your love for the classic 90’s toons with these new designs from street-wear brand, Oxygen!


Oxygen recently launched their own cartoon series collection in partnership with Nickelodeon. The collection features tops, hoodies, shorts and accessories with our beloved characters from two of Nickelodeon’s 90’s classic animated series: “Rugrats” and “Hey Arnold!”

“Hey Arnold!” follows the daily shenanigans and experiences of fourth-grader, Arnold, and his friends while “Rugrats” takes us on an adorable adventure with toddlers, Chuckie, Tommy, Phil, Lil & Angelica.

Don’t worry about looking too old-fashioned, the collection captures the essence of the 90’s era but is definitely right on today’s trends.