Whether you are a foodie, a travel enthusiast, or a beauty guru, there’s surely something for you on LIFETIME’s newest reality show Who Runs the World. Watch as Filipino online personalities join Singaporean blogger Mongchin Yeoh’s extreme journey in the Queen City of the South and introduce her to the best of Philippine culture.

Premiering on Monday, July 23 at 9:30 PM, Who Runs the World takes Mongchin to the historic city of Cebu, as part of her challenge to run six races in six countries for over eight weeks. There, she meets vibrant local influencers from different walks of life who help her complete her challenges around the city.

Taste the sweetness of Cebu as Mongchin & lifestyle blogger Jean Yu try tasty treats at Room for Dessert by Casa Verde, a well-known coffee shop that offers cold desserts such as soft serve ice cream, cakes, and smoothies.
Mongchin then takes the thrilling Sky Drop ride at Danao Eco Adventure Park with Ella Anongos, a Cebuana lifestyle and travel blogger who gets starstruck meeting the show’s host for the first time.

But Anongos eventually got comfortable with Mongchin after their quick chats during the shoot. “If there was one thing I learned from Mongchin, it’s this: You have to have your own personality. People will love you and follow you genuinely because of your personality. Some people may criticize you, but you shouldn’t care. Because there will be some people who will be interested in what you’re sharing with them and love you for who you are and what you’re doing,” the young travel blogger says.

Aside from extreme adventure, Mongchin gets the hang of aerial yoga with popular yoga guru and founder of Asana Yoga Movement in Cebu Rica Gomez, who says teaching the host stunts was a rewarding experience. “My favorite part was seeing her reaction upon going upside down or inverted in the aerial hammock for the first time,” she adds.
Another exciting adventure sees Mongchin and lifestyle blogger Etienne Chantal Codina visiting Upside Down World Cebu, a fun interactive museum for kids and adults who love taking photos with colorful, artsy background.