In life, it all comes down to the people we care about. Close relationships, valued friendships and intimate ties are all vital to our happiness, well being and longevity.

In the pursuit of deeper insights into relationships, British life insurer Pru Life UK has launched the second edition of the Pru Life UK Relationship Index (PRI). The study shows that this year, the Philippines is once again ranked second in terms of personal relationship satisfaction among the nine markets surveyed in Asia, with a PRI score of 79/100, on par with last year’s results. This means that relationships in the Philippines fulfill 79% of people’s needs and expectations, leaving only a 21% relationship gap.

Eight other countries were involved in the study – Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China with Cambodia having the highest PRI score.

Posing the statement, “Relationships breathe life into our lives, adding color, tears and laughter, but how much do we truly understand them?,” the Company led an insightful discussion about relationships at Tomatito, Bonifacio Global City today, November 10, together with personalities such as relationship expert Dr. Margaret Holmes, financial and relationship dynamics guru RJ Ledesma, and celebrity talk show host and LGBT rights supporter Boy Abunda.

Pru Life UK Chief Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga said, “We are delighted to release the second edition of the PRI findings for the Philippines. Helping our clients understand their relationships better is very important for us. Research shows that better relationships directly translate to a greater sense of well-being and significant improvement in health and longevity. We are happy that the latest PRI once again shows Philippines to be in the upper tier of relationship satisfaction.”

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