The internet still hasn’t recovered from the bomb that shooked the platform–Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s rumored engagement. But the fierce pop singer just dropped another bomb.

Ariana teases her fans with a new video which she posted on her social media accounts.

The video contained cloud-shaped perfume bottles floating upwards. The video then ended with the words, “New perfume coming soon.”

Fans suspect that the perfume’s design and scent was inspired by Ariana’s rumored fiance, Pete. If you are an avid fan who had been glued to the singer’s social media account you would know that the couple have matching cloud tattoos. Ari also seemed to be so fond of using cloud emojis on her recent social media posts.

There is no launch date for the perfume yet. However, some fans believe that it will be launched the same day that Ari drops her new album, Sweetener.

If that’s the case, you Arinators better prepare your wallets for your idol’s back to back offerings.