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‘Botox is bad for you!’ ‘Botox can cause more problems in the future’

Scared of the two statements? Admit it, you have easily been swayed by rumors of what botox can do to one’s face. The false information has made going to the derma for botox not just scary, but taboo. But what if we told you, that botox isn’t the fright show we’ve always thought it to be? Dra. Cel Garcia-Azcue, Dermatologist from Skin Station Makati puts an end to these statements.

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Why do we have those saggy skin and facial lines?

“It is because our face is moving when we smile or frown and it’s normal. Even babies have lines and wrinkles. Now as we get older, there is what you call collagen degradation because of UV Exposure, Pollution Exposure and so much more. This causes why facial lines become more pronounced and seen.

How does botox help us?

“Botox relaxes the muscles. That depends on the area you wan’t to relax and do the botox. It may be your eyes, forehead, cheeks or neck. If you relax the muscle, your lines will be minimized. But still you can move your face and do some facial expressions. This depends on the dosage and amount the patient wants to inject. If they want natural looking, minimal injection of Botox.”

However, beyond the basic question, another big myth revolves around the procedure, the notion that once you’ve undergone botox, you’ll need consistent follow-ups or else the skin will sag. But Dra. Cel begged to differ.

“The good thing that Botox do is it trains your muscles not to frown automatically. Because some of my patients, when I see them face-to-face, it seems like their face is always frowning. That is what Botox fixes. If you do it regularly, your face muscles will not be developed anymore and get rid of those lines. It is the same as body building. If you always do frowning, your face muscles will be more prominent.”

So it looks like there’s not fear that should coincide with a session of botox. There’s an extreme of everything, and the botched faces we see in Hollywood don’t exhibit the totally of what a botox procedure can actually generate for the skin. For more detailed description, you can visit Skin Stations branches. They opened a new branch at Glorietta Makati City. This is the best time to visit the clinic.

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