Typically, as women age, a majority pursue a career, thereafter marry the one they love, have children and dedicated their lives to being good mothers and wives. There’s nothing wrong about such a scenario, it’s the kind that has been the norm for decades. Recently though, more and more women are earning the bravery to decide that they don’t want to have children in the future. Thing is, they face judgment for not wanting to have kids.

But why is it that a woman who chooses not to have children even if they grow old or get married, is considered a “bad person”? What is so awfully wrong about a woman who knows what she wants? Here are 5 reasons that justify why a woman is not selfish even if she doesn’t want to have kids in the future:

1. She Has A Clear Plan For Her Future

It’s safe to say, that women who choose not to have kids of their own someday, have a plan for their future. Maybe they have decided that they rather travel the world or build their career. But that doesn’t make her selfish. Why? Because she has worked hard and chooses to continue to work hard to follow her plans. A woman who works hard can be just as hardworking and giving to a community as one who chooses to be a mother in the future.

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