The next shoe to be featured in Nike’s LeBron Soldier shoe line will have Filipino basketball fans racing towards malls. This will be the 2nd year in a row that Nike will showcase a Filipino-inspired shoe, after the Lebron 14 “Agimat” shoes from last year.

The slogan for the new LeBron 12 “Agimat” shoes is “Mula Mandirigma sa Mandirigma” or “From One Warrior to Another”.


Like last year’s 14s, the Soldier 12 features the words “MNL” and “Para Sa Kadakilaan”, represnting the capital city of Manila and the Filipino phrase which translates to “For Glory”.

Small icons representing Filipino volcanoes and steep mountains can be found in the insole of the shoe. The inner cushion imitating a “banig” pattern also makes a return from last year’s “Agimat” shoes.

The LeBron 12 “Agimat” shoes are designed with a simplified strap, lower collar, and circular knit that Nike designer Jason Petrie intended as a way to show the toughness of Filipinos.

Nike’s newest Lebron 12 “Agimat” shoes will be out in retail stores on June 15.