A pleasant surprise from Nadine Lustre! Her single “St4y Up” under Careless Music Manila is now out on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and all other digital music stores!

The track, produced by beatmaker CRWN, went straight to number 1 on iTunes Philippines on the first day of its release. Written and produced by the talented young lady, fans are so excited to hear her latest single. Released under James Reid’s label, Careless Music Manila, her boyfriend also gets co-songwriter credits for the song. It is an R&B piece that talks about wanting to stay up all night with a lover.

She has been teasing the song since October last year, but the release caught fans off guard since it wasn’t hyped the way previous tracks were marketed. The hashtag #St4yUpByNadineLustre is currently trending on Twitter due to the craze the single has produced.




With an EDM-vibe, this is truly a transformation of Nadine from her sweet and Pop signature tone. Exploring different horizons, she continues to amaze her supporters on her exceptional talents – acting, modelling, songwriting, directing, etc.

Let’s wait for the music video now in the works by renowned director Petersen Vargas (2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten) – brace yourselves to an another aesthetic masterpiece from Nadine, sooner than later!