Moira Dela Torre shared on Tonight With Boy Abunda how she experienced body shaming in her own concert last December 30, 2018. She expressed how a heckler was giving remark during her performances. She tweeted, “Women are beautiful whatever size and may I be the last person you disrespect like that. May you learn to love yourself enough that you won’t need to bring people down just to feel ‘funny’ or important. If ur reading this, i hope next year showers you love. Happy new year.”

Despite the hate she received, she calmly said, “I don’t wanna be someone who defines someone by his mistake.” after asked by Tito Boy if there was a moment she entertained the idea of stopping and going to him and telling him off. Jason Marvin, Moira’s boyfriend, also added that he would not respond in a way that can destroy their reputations especially Moira’s.

But apart from this issue, the two shared their excitement for their honeymoon especially that they only have six days left before they tie the knot. But above everything, dela Torre finished the interview by saying, “I am very excited for the normalcy, for the quiet times we’ll be spending just understanding that we are not alone, that I am loved.”