Michael Kors Supports And Commits To Going Fur-Free This 2018

Michael Kors is going fur-free this 2018. This American accessible luxury brand announced last Friday that they will no longer use animal fur in its products with their production being phased out by the end of December 2018. This policy will be applied world-wide including their sub-company, Jimmy Choo.

I still despise @MichaelKors as all of his bags are made of #Leather aka the SKIN of tortured, massacred calves. _ However this is great news. Kors and his acquired brand @JimmyChoo will phase out #RealFur by the end of 2018 so sadly there’s still another year of seeing garments like the Kors #FoxFurCoat pictured but after that the impact will be massive considering 100 MILLION animals are killed for their #Fur annually and the Michael Kors brand has been a big part of that senseless bloodshed. _ #Kors once famously said that he will continue producing #FurCoats as long as people will buy them so he has clearly made this decision because the demand has dropped. It was a business decision rather than an ethical decision but one that will save lives. _ Kors now joins a long list of #Designer brands that have gone #FurFree including @Gucci, @HugoBoss @RalphLauren @GiorgioArmani and others. #TimesAreChanging #FurIsDead #BoycottLeather #WearYourOwnSkin #CompassionOverFashion #VeganForTheAnimals #AnimalLivesMatter _ Caption/collage @a_lallie_

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Michael Kors is known to be leading the runway with their luxurious fur coats in the past. But this year, they joined other fashion companies for the animals rights and also the changing of the taste of the consumers.

Michael Kors followed the steps of other leading fashion brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Some protesters have also been targeting fashion brands at London fashion Week over the industry’s continued use of fur in it’s collections.

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