Michael Cinco’s Newest Collection Is So Dazzling It Reminds Us Of “Beauty And The Beast”

It’s without question that Michael Cinco is a renowned international fashion designer, he’s best known for soft, sweet and romantic formal-wear. His ball gowns are ones many celebrities often strut in during formal events because of tedious detailing and dazzling embroidery. His Impalpable Dream of Versailles line is no exception. The numerous beautiful gowns that graced Dubai’s runway were so fairytale-like that some fans claim it’s fit to be Belle’s gown in Beauty and The Beast.

The fall-winter 2017 Somewhere Over The Rainbow collection was an ode to gradient wonders, sprinkling a dose of embellishments from the top to the train of the gown. The hue of the gown transcends from a smoky black down to a pop of color on the skirt. The gown hugs tight on the top portion but bellows to a beautiful ball-gown drop.

The Boiserie Collection tinkered with “naked gowns” with strategically stitched embroidery across it. The sequins shone of gold and jewel-toned greens and gave of a Victorian pattern. The design bespoke of the Greek Goddess era and seemed like a reincarnation of something Aphrodite would be fashioning.

The Baroque Boiserie dipped into pastel hues of powder blue and pale yellows. The intricately design gowns visibly showed golden vines that reached from the decolletage area flowing down the hemming of the gown. A few of the other gowns also played with sequin piping with revealing cutouts that gave the soft look a bit more edge.

The centerpiece of the entire collection however boiled down to the Infanta Maria Collection that many fans deemed worthy to be part of the “Beauty and The Beast” movie as it personified the essence of Belle’s femininity and beauty. The sweetheart neckline had an edgy split on the decolletage area but the ballooned ballgown skirt was a sight of awe. The hand-embroidered leaves was made more subtle thanks to the partnered powder blue hue.

PHOTO CREDIT: instagram.com/michael5inco

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