Just when you thought the beauty industry will run out of creative ideas to sell their products, the one-up themselves. Say hello to the first ever drive-thru brow and beauty bar. It’s not a drill, or a joke. This drive-thru brow and beauty brow is the mastermind of UK cosmetics brand, Benefit Cosmetics. They’ll be naming their drive-thru the GlastonBrow, an ode to its flagship location, Glastonbury in the UK.

Unfortunately, the innovative idea is only a pop-up event. It’s an ode to Glastonbury’s festival happening on June. Which is why the drive-thru will only stand tall from June 21-22. Drivers can expect a “brow menu”, free eyebrow waxes and even beauty goody bags before arriving at the festival.

Although only CGI pictures of the plans have been spreading, Benefit Cosmetics’ Head of Brand Activation Kyra White confirmed with Business Insider confirmed that they’re not kidding about the cotton-candy pink brow bar drive-thru, “For over seven tears we’ve held activations within festival grounds to amplify the experience for ticketholders and our brand fans. Part of Benefit’s mission statement is ‘laughter is the best cosmetic’ so although this sounds crazy and farfetched it’s just the latest in a history of fun, disruptive events which include the iconic Bold is Beautiful campaign, the Hoola con-tour which is currently travelling the UK’s seaside resorts and the recently completed Brow tour.”

Looks like some brow-fanatics will have to fly to UK and drive up to the pink drive-thru to experience a first in the brow game!

PHOTO CREDIT: Benefit Cosmetics

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