Brace yourselves, Keanu Reeves stans. We’re getting not just one but two feature films of our favorite hit-man who also knows kung-fu!

Expect sequels to the Matrix and the John Wick franchise on May 21, 2020. Yes, two on the same day. Can you believe how #blessedt we are with Keanu content?!


Now, before you think that we’re exaggerating on this, the internet has already made it official to commemorate May 21 as ‘Keanu Reeves Day’.


Following the release date is also the showing of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (May 22, 2020) where your boy Keanu played as the cartoon character’s spiritual guide.

Man, May 2020 sure is something to hold on for!

Photo Source: John Wick Movie Official Instagram