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Seems like South Korea’s invasion doesn’t stop with K-pop and K-dramas.

South Korea has finally elected a new leader after a year-long roller coaster ride surrounding its former president Park Geun-hye. New president Moon Jae-in’s election brings hope for the country whose government was embroiled in a high-profile corruption scandal last year.

Three days after he swore in his position, Moon has already lived up to his promise to shake up the country’s politics, but it is not in the way people around the world expected it to be… Somebody’s already stealing the lime light from the newly-elected president.

Photo credit: Elle.com.au

Meet Choi Young-jae, a 36-year old officer from Korea’s Special Warfare Command of President Moon who’s getting more attention than the new leader.

The internet is going gaga over this chisel-jawed hunk. Some of his “fan girls” from Twitter even dubbed him as a romantic protagonist from a K-drama.

Moreover, another “fan girl” presumed that anyone who would attack the president “would be too distracted by his looks.”

Some of the people who saw his photos couldn’t believe that he is one of President Moon’s bodyguards.

And, as of writing, his fan-base is continuously growing.

As he became viral online, President Moon’s office stated that “he is ‘unfortunately’ married and has two daughters.”

photo credit: Allkpop.com

Yet, it was revealed that President Moon’s whole cabinet is quite good-looking, earning the “handsome brigade” title. In fact, President Moon, according to The Korea Times, has “set hearts racing in his younger days.”

One person even described him as “the first handsome president of Korea” after his past photos resurfaced and went viral online.

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