Little Mix’s Hit Single Shoutout To My Ex Is Rumored To Be About Zayn Malik

If you’ve been a big fan of Little Mix or One Direction since their early days, then you would be familiar with Zayn and Perrie’s relationship. But in case, you’re slightly clueless, Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards was in a four year relationship with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. Unfortunately their romance turned into a whirlwind of a breakup. Just a short time after Zayn called it quits with Perrie, and not long after started seeing model Gigi Hadid.

So when Little Mix released one of their most successful singles to date entitled, “Shoutout To My Ex”, all fans were buzzing and wondering if the girl group was trying to throw shade at Zayn. But fans didn’t just come up with a theory because of the song’s title, but because of the lyrics and minute details that can be found within the video.

One of the observations surrounds the first few lines of the songs;

The first line, “This is a shout out to my ex / Heard he in love with some other chick / Yeah yeah, that hurt me, I’ll admit / Forget that boy, I’m over it” according to fans could possibly refer to the fact that Zayn moved on from his relationship with Perrie in a span of three months. Which is quick for a normal relationship but extremely rushed for a broken engagement.

The next few lines that screened, “I hope she gettin’ better sex / Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe / Took four long years to call it quits / Forget that boy, I’m over it” seemed to fit right in the fact that Perrie and Zayn were an item for four years and engaged for two.

“Guess I should say thank you / For the ‘hate yous’ and the tattoos / Oh baby, I’m cool by the way / Ain’t sure I loved you anyway” was also another coincidence. A lot of fans are aware that Zayn has multiple tattoos and even a tattoo sleeve. During his relationship with Perrie he had a tattoo of her on his arm but can now no longer be seen.

But the icing on the cake is probably the most visual, which fans spurred on tweeting online. In one of the scenes where the group of girls are in the car, they are seen throwing supposed gifts of their exes up in the air. According to many fans, one of the teddy bears shown is a gift from Zayn when he and Perrie were still together.

Coincidence? Possibly, or possibly not. But whether the song is a shade towards Zayn, you have to admit it’s got quite a catch.

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