Microsoft Office 365 had been standing as one of the leading software used in the workplace, and even at home. However, a rising star is slowly contesting it in terms of power. A new software known as LibreOffice has appeared and is making the rounds.

LibreOffice is offering a myriad of functions, some of which operate like Microsoft Office. The list of which would be, Writer (Word Processing), Calc (Spreadsheets), Impress (Powerpoint), Base (Databases), Math (Editing Formulas), and Draw (Vector Graphics).


In terms of formatting, LibreOffice is compatible with other common formats, such as .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx, in addition to that, LibreOffice also supports a wider range of non-Microsoft formats.

When it comes to customer support, LibreOffice would struggle a bit, the reason being, it does not have a dedicated customer support, only relying on the volunteer work of the community.

LibreOffice can not offer collaboration and cloud services, there you’ll have to find your own systems to work with.

In the end, however, I feel that LibreOffice is worth it because it comes at an affordable price of Free. Will you check out LibreOffice? Or will you stay with Microsoft Office?