Innovators are really pushing boundaries as they look for the new best thing today. Researchers strive in looking for things that the people would want to have because it is a necessity. We’ve seen different kinds of useful things that they already invented.

I bet that you already saw a waterproof jacket or a wind breaker. But have you seen a jacket that you can also use as an eye mask, neck pillow, foot rest and 22 more in 1 jacket? Let me tell you, this is not a drill. We now have the world’s best travel jacket with 25 amazing features called the Baubax.


This ‘BAUBAX‘ jacket is available for men and women in 4 different styles. You can choose from vest, windbreaker, bomber or sweatshirt.

Baubax already served 200,000 customers across 150+ countries with 7 global warehouses. BAUBAX is now headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Here’s the list of the features of this innovative jacket that you can use anywhere you go.

Neck Pillow

Eye Mask


Travel Footrest

Travel Blanket

Travel Bottle

Ear Plugs

Apple Pencil Pocket

Airpods Pocket

Airpods Straps

Powerbank Pocket

Sunglass Pocket

Microfiber Cloth

Passport Pocket

Tablet Pocket

Retractable Keychain

Bottle Opener + Whistle

Drink Pocket

Phone Pocket

Wired Earphone Holder


Hand Warming Pockets

Secret Pocket

Detachable Hood

This jacket has already been featured in 100+ media outlets worldwide. This jacket can really be used anywhere from Biking, Running, Camping or even when travelling.

Source: Kickstarter