Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Drake were only few of the many who experienced the fun at this year’s Coachella. With pounding music, flooding drinks, and epic performances, people who attended the event probably had the night of their life.

Keeping it low profile though, were Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom’s own theme for Coachella 2017. Hoodies and baggy pants as their attires, the two hunks looked like they had a different party to attend to.

According to an article published by Entertainment Tonight, they were seen on the venue sitting on a table surrounded by beautiful models and tequilas. There were also some who said that they were among the few that stayed until the end of the event.

Right after the party ended, a photo was uploaded by an unknown source in which they were also seen in a house with Doritos and hamburger buns scattered on the table.

It really looked like their bros night out turned out more than memorable.

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