The Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino is known to be great at entertaining but she won’t be entertaining a suitor whom she considers an internet troll.

On April 11, Kris Aquino shared a nine-tile collage photo of her wearing a pink dress, red lipstick, and a beautiful smile. With different poses of smiles, Kris sends her supporters a gratitude and a good night.

The photo then received a lot of positive comments but there’s one comment that caught the attention of Kris. An account named Mandi Monaco (@mandi_monaco) expressed his admiration by asking the Queen of All Media if he could court her.

Kris Aquino being the “Kris” we all know, did a little research before responding to the netizen. According to her, Monaco’s account seemed to be “fake” and filled with disturbing images. To reject the guy, she replied saying that her beauty and intelligence doesn’t deserve such kind of guy.

Photo credit: | Kris Aquino