Get your umbrellas and rain coats now because many fangirls are shedding tears after Lee Jong Suk officially enters the military.

His enlistment date is just one week after the wrap-up of his latest drama, Romance Is A Bonus Book.


In a press conference he took part in earlier this year he said that, “I think I’ll end up enlisting this year. That’s why I have to finish this drama well. I wanted to show this to my fans. It’s my first time trying the romantic-comedy genre. I received a lot of help from Lee Na Young so I’m filming well.”

Back when he was 16 years old, Jong Suk got involved in a car accident. The said accident caused him to have an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, and because of this he was deemed unfit for doing active duty soldier’s activity. For this reason, he will only be working as a public service agent instead.

The end of his military enlistment is calculated to be by January 2, 2021. So for the fangirls, mark that date. Support and love Jong Suk until he comes back to the entertainment industry.