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KFC—Known for its finger lickin’ good chicken recipes, is making its way to the fashion arena. The fast food has recently released their own clothing line, and it’s leaving KFC fans in shock. Although KFC has been trial and testing the fashion and beauty field, as they previously released KFC nail polish, nobody saw this happening anytime soon. But who knew that KFC could rock street style too?

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The collection includes graphic tees, animated socks, crew necks and statement necklaces!

But street-style of course isn’t complete without a dash of pins for the denim jacket. An oversized pin for the burger lovers and an ode to ol’ Colonel Sanders for the classic KFC touch. And to throw a home item into the mix, they’ve hilariously pulled-off a pillow with Colonel Sanders printed on it.

And to top it off, a 400-year old meteorite carved to form the shape of a KFC Zinger sandwich which they named “Zinger Meteorite”, is also out for sale for a whooping USD$20,000. Now that’s a real deal.

Looks like KFC is hopping from fast-food to fast fashion. What do you think, ladies?

Photo Credit: www.kfclimited.com & instagram.com/kfc

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