Before Bauang, La Union became the “Grape Capital of the Philippines,” there was Avelino Lomboy planting grape seeds in his backyard decades ago. Find out how he was able to grow his grape farm business and bring prominence to his hometown this Tuesday, August 14 on “My Puhunan.”

Join Karen Davila as she visits Avelino, widely-regarded as the “Grape King of the Philippines” as the pioneer and number one producer of grape products in the nation for four decades and counting.

Coming from a family of farmers, Avelino spent two years researching and doing trial and error before finally finding the right formula in planting grapes. While he was able to expand his grape farm business, he also paved the way for other farms to sprout in the province, making Bauang a popular agri-tourism spot.

Avelino passed away recently, but he left a legacy of innovation and determination as an agriculturist and entrepreneur, which can inspire other Filipinos to start and grow their own businesses.

Karen, who has interviewed hundreds of successful Filipino entrepreneurs in the show, said she noticed one thing they have in common.

“Hard work and perseverance are given already. What I noticed with the small entrepreneurs that became successful is that they are all hands-on in their business. They wake up very early, they do the inventory themselves, they man the store and sometimes serve as their own janitor. They do everything and know every nook and cranny of their business,” she explained.

With the help of Avelino’s Lomboy Farms, “My Puhunan” encouraged even more Filipinos to get into business by giving community members in Brgy. Cambali a training in santol jam-making in the latest leg of “My Puhunan’s” Kabuhayan Caravan. Same as in Davao and Bohol, representatives from the Department of Trade and Industry joined the livelihood caravan to impart business ideas that can be done at home like turmeric and banana chips.