On March 7, Adweek’s senior editor for television, covering trends, technology, personalities and programming across broadcast, cable and streaming video, Jason Lynch announced that American wrestler and actor John Cena is auditioning as the host of Blue’s Clues- the show that was a huge part of our childhood. Through his twitter account, he confirmed the rumors about the WWE Superstar’s audition as the next Steve. In his tweet, John Cena is seen wearing the same green striped shirt Steve used to wear.

Cena, who’s a 16-time WWE Champion who had also took part on some acting roles. Recently, he lent his voice for the animated feature “Ferdinand”. And now, the champion took another challenge on his acting career by auditioning as the host for the reboot of Blue’s Clues.

Nickelodeon had already announced that they will be reviving Blue’s Clues. As we all know, Blue’s Clues features a dog named Blue who leaves clues behind that the audience and the show’s host have to figure out. Reports claimed that Nickelodeon will start filming this summer and they will be holding an open casting call for the new Steve on April 14 at Southern California.

Cena’s audition garnered different reactions and opinions from netizens. Some thought that he can give the show a refreshed look. But others find it a bit problematic (especially parents), since the guy is known for throwing bodies inside the wrestling ring. And of course, the never ending “You can’t see me jokes”.

John Cena even posted a Blue’s Clues photo in his Instagram account. Does this mean he’s telling us that it’s his time to be the next guy who’ll help us find Blue’s Clues?

No matter what happen, we still can’t see you, Cena! Kidding aside, no matter what happen, we will support you!