4. Passion Isn’t Enough, Sorry

Here’s the real picture for you, passion isn’t enough. When you graduate and throw your graduation cap in the air, thousands of fresh graduates will also attend a similar interview as you and tell the HR that they’ve got passion, just as you do. When the bills are high and you’re coughing your lungs out while working overtime, passion will seem miniscule.

But in these very days you’re struggling, you have to understand the true definition of passion. Passion is unexplainably exerting more than necessary effort on something that pulls you, despite the struggles. When you are passionate, you will go to lengths to achieve it. And going to lengths involves numerous struggles. Passion doesn’t have to be your job, it’s like a calling, that even if you have a day job you hate, you pursue your passion on the side. Because that’s what you love to do.

So yes, passion won’t be enough when the bills are piling up. At the end of the day, you have to be responsible. But that doesn’t mean you should forego your passion, it just tests how true to you are to your word, how much you actually love something. It means taking a writing sideline on the weekends even if your weekdays are hell. It means doing that photoshoot even if your body suffered enough from the week long presentation you prepared for work.