Being in your 20s means a lot of changes. Yes, it means freedom and independence but it also means an overflow of responsibilities. Many times, it will seem overwhelming, and most times you’ll feel on the edge. But if you feel like you’re alone in this, you’ll be surprised that just about every 20-year-old is worried about their career, and their work-life balance too. When passion runs dry and life is just about paying bills, we tend to feel flustered. But if you’re struggling and feeling hopeless, here are 10 things to remember.

1. Life’s Not Going To Be Perfect, No Matter How Hard You Try

Life’s not going to be perfect. The statement perfectly sums up your 20s. You will struggle, you will adjust and oftentimes you will be thrown in uncomfortable situations. As much as you admire travel bloggers who lounge in a different country every week, keep in mind even their lives aren’t perfect. There will always be struggle. Sure it would be better to have a bad day in a beach somewhere in a foreign country, but here’s the thing: You have to consider your struggle as your gateway to your biggest achievements. You need to go through it to get to the other side.