Known for their organic beauty products and dedication to uplifting the lives of local farmers, Human Nature reached another milestone in their name by setting up their flagship store in Quezon City. Camille Meloto explains that they wanted the space to be more than just a shop but to truly educate their consumers on what Human Nature is all about.

Decked with inspiring words and motivational quotes, corners of the Human Nature store represents the milestones and values which they as a company cherish. The interior was decked with an organic and nature theme, with few walls accented with greenery and wooden features. Meanwhile, Human Nature products are found on counters across the store. From their well-loved Sunflower oil to their newest summer collection. There is also a dedicated section which highlights the essential oils which Human Nature boasts.

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Having won the recent Sustainable Beauty Awards in Paris, the Human Nature team believes that setting up their first physical store couldn’t have come in better timing.

Watch the full video below for more information:

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