Most ladies are obsessed with makeup contouring. Many aspire a perfectly shaped face as they see from celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and make-up bloggers. It has been a trend now because it allows us to do the desired face shape that we want. But thanks to technology, you can now do it with non-surgical procedures and achieve natural contoured face.

Non-surgical facial contouring originated from Korea. It improves your face shape. The procedure is done by manually inserting thin hair-like threads to the parts that you want to be improved. The most popular facial parts that needs improvement are the Forehead, Neck, Cheek, Jawline, Chin and Nose.

How does it work? Dra. Cel Garcia-Azcue, Dermatologist from Skin Station Makati City helps us answer this question.

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“It’s your own collagen that will reshape your face and not the threads. The threads are just there to stimulate the collagen. It can stay there up to 52 days. Multiple insertion of threads. You will leave it there then it will slowly melt. After 52 days, it will all melt. And then your own collagen replaces the thread then that will do the work for lifting and making your face smaller.”

The procedure itself takes about an hour and a half per face area. The threads need to be injected in the right place for better results.

Is it safe? Dra. Cel says, “This is very safe because it is temporary. Any procedure that is temporary is safer than the permanent because you are just stimulating collagen. It’s safer than surgery of course. Surgery involves cutting and stitching so infection will probably be more active.”

The good thing about non-surgical procedures is it is reversible. It means that if you don’t like the result, your face shape can go back to it’s original figure. Not like in the permanent facial surgery. In non-surgical facial contouring, if you love the result, you can always go back and do it again after a year.

Skin Station branches offer Non-Surgical Facial Contouring. They promote Non-surgery procedures as it is not prone to infections and safer than invasive permanent surgeries.

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