People these days know a lot of things to exercise our bodies and to have that sexy coca-cola bottle body that we all wanted. We are so pressured with the things that we see online and even with our friends with how they maintain that beautiful and gorgeous bodies they have. But what we always forget is like the body, we also need to exercise our face to have that glowing skin that we crave to have.

With exercising the face, we should also know the things that we should and shouldn’t eat so that we can maintain what we can and will achieve. As people say, the earlier the better. Taking care of your skin in your early years can be a good practice. Prevention is the key. Knowing what you are eating is very important in having a healthy skin.


Healthy foods contain some vitamins and minerals that we need to kill bad bacteria. If you will not eat the right food, the skin will be threatened and becomes inflamed. The foods that can actually trigger inflammation in your skin are those high in fat and unhealthy oils. We suggest that instead of chips, cookies and candies, why don’t you try to snack on fruits and vegetables? Also if you want an anti-aging tip, try to eat foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and healthy fats to regenerate your cells.

Studies show there is a real connection between your gut health and skin benefits. The concept is that if we have an unhealthy, unbalanced gut environment, toxins can be released into the bloodstream and cause inflammation throughout the body.

And if you will ask what are the foods that you shouldn’t be eating? It will be food high in salt and alcohol of course. It can cause you poor balance in your digestion, dehydration, puffy eyes and under eye circles.

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