Gone are the days when women are treated as inferior. Gone are the days where a girl’s place is solely inside the house, confined and doing house chores. And goodbye to the times when women had no role in the society.

Women play a vital part in every, if not, most corner of the world. After centuries of hard work and decades of fighting for her equal rights, she has earned her reputation and is now being recognized by many. However, the fight is not yet over. A number of people are still not convince that a woman is capable of handling a high rank or title, these are the people who imprison their minds from the reality, the people that all women should prove wrong, and this is also the reason why a woman needs to be mindful of her actions and act like how a woman should act.

To all the girls out there, this article is not written to change your personality. You are you. A unique masterpiece, and that alone will make you stand out. These are just some tips and/or guide on how to better act as a woman.

1. A woman does not let anyone trample her

She’s kind, but she knows how to fight. She knows if she’s being used and abused and does not tolerate it. She stands up after being pinned down and she fights like a warrior, not because she is full of pride, but because she knows that she is not alone in the battle. She fights for herself and for all the other women as well. She speaks up her voice loud and clear so that no other girl will be trampled again.

2. A woman stands tall and raises her chin up

She is confident in her own skin. She is beautiful and doesn’t need an approval from someone to be one. She is pretty, but above that, she is smart, selfless, hard working and has a pure and generous heart. She knows her flaws and she embraces them. She knows her broken pieces too well this is why she stands tall, because no one can and will break her anymore.

3. A woman knows her place

She knows when to roar like a lion and when to keep her mouth shut. She knows when to act prim and proper and when to bring out her craziness. She does not start a fight, she ends it.

4. A woman knows her worth

She won’t settle for less. She’s a universe full of undiscovered stars and gems. A canvass full of unimaginable beauty of colors. A mixture of beauty, talent and personality that you may not handle. She knows her worth so she won’t settle for less than what she deserves and she deserves the best.

Theses are only five tips and there are still hundreds of thousands of people left to convince that we are not just women with a pretty face and body. We are more than that, we are doctors, lawyers, examiners, critics, analysts, writers, artists, teachers, engineers, accountants, mothers, sisters, friends and the list goes on. We are not just women, we are what we want to be.