Stepping forward to healthy lifestyle among cardiologists is being pushed by the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) by encouraging every member to wear “comfy sneakers” to achieve the goal of healthier Filipinos.

“Cardiologists all over the Philippines are encouraged to wear sneakers every Friday…The point of wearing sneakers every Friday is to move some more without hurting your feet. If you do wearing sneakers every Friday, you do have more walks to be done on that special day,” said Dr. Karen Caudor in an interview Friday with the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Caudor, cardiologist with sub-specialty in cardiac-rehab from Cebu, said that their group made the formal launching of “Comfy Sneakers” in line with the 49th annual convention of PHA this week.

She said members of the group have agreed to wear a pair of sneakers every Friday to “walk the talk” and show their own parents what are the benefits of engaging in physical activities such as walking in keeping a healthy lifestyle which would lead to a healthy and quality life.

“Wearing a sneakers means physical activity. And physical activity will translate to a healthier heart. If you move more, your heart will be better,” Caudor said.

She said such activities will also boost fellow cardiologists’ advise to exercise every Mondays and Wednesdays.

Caudor noted that wearing sneakers every Friday isn’t new since some cardiologists and healthworkers have started matching the rubber shoes with a casual top and pants last year.

She said some doctors who wear comfy sneakers can easily attend to their patients and at the same time achieve the target steps that will help keep their heart healthy.

She said that it is better if other hospitals and institutions can implement the practice.

“In reality, we really saw that there are more less active people than the active people. With this, we can start with simple steps on Friday,” she said.

She said their objective is to make their respective parents to do exercise.

Former PHA president Dr. Raul Lapitan said that even a simple activity, such as walking or brisk walking with 100 steps per minute pace, has so many powerful health benefits.

“When done correctly and regularly, it can be the key to losing weight, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and boosting your memory as well as reducing your risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more,” Lapitan said.

The promoting healthy lifestyle is one of the advocacy programs of PHA under its 52100 campaign–5 servings of fruits and vegetables; 2 hours of screen time; 1 hour moderate physical activity; 0 (zero) sugary and sweetened beverage; 0 (zero) smoking/no to secondhand smoke.(PNA)