Good news to all book lovers out there! Our beloved thrift shop for books, Booksale, posted an announcement on their Facebook page that they are not closing nor has been sold to another company.

They also disclosed the obstacles they have to face such as unreasonable rental rates, salaries, wages and operating costs and the peso versus dollar economic case of our country. But despite these problems, their book prices will still remain the same. To battle these problems out, they chose to search for better suppliers here and abroad to continue their 35-year mission of making reading affordable.

This announcement received positive comments from the book loving netizens.

Some even requested them to branch out again in a respective mall.

And some reminisced how booksale helped them in fulfilling the bibliophile in them by offering affordable books.

As of writing, the announcement now have 3.2K reactions, 3.4K shares and 355 comments.

PHOTO CREDIT:The Reading Spree