We all know the word ‘Ghosted’ in the dating world means and we all don’t want to experience that. It is when you are dating and talking to someone for quite a while then suddenly he or she will one day ignore your text and calls. It wasn’t the best feeling in the world being ghosted.

Today, ghosted isn’t just another dating term but also a new trend in the world of hair styling. It is basically making your hair platinum blonde hair on speed. It also features some other sassy shades throughout.


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Winter white ❄️ Let’s talk about this color. I have so many requests for ICY white. The reality is NOT everyone is gonna get this color (or at least within their time frame and budget). THIS COLOR COSTS a LOT of ??, requires lengthy visits (4 plus hours) and requires a ton of upkeep (root retouch every 4-5 weeks and retone). . The thing I hear the most is “my hair is yellow after a few weeks”. First of all, yellow will always be in the hair. Do you know why?! The hair has a PALE yellow undertone because you CAN’T remove all the underlying pigment unless you’d like to be bald (yellow being blonde’s underlying pigment). So, frequent salon visits ARE required ✅ Toners/glosses is where the magic happens and TONES the yellow out. But no color lasts forever!! . This color is a LOT of work for me, as a stylist, and a lot of money and time for the client. My MAIN concern is the integrity of the hair and I will NOT push the hair for you to get your dream color. I will get you there, but it will probably take multiple sessions because I don’t want my clients walking around BALD or with FRIED ASS STRAW hair! . . . #icyblonde #platinumblonde #platinumhair #olaplex #americansalon #modernsalon #cosmprofbeauty #behindthechair #kchairstylist #kcmo #kansascityhair #olaplextreatment #trionics #blondeinspo #saraihairwizard #btcpics #authentichairarmy #fuckinghair #themoreyouknow #istillseeyellow #hairstylistprobs #alluremagazine #kenraprofessional #blonding #blondeambition #platinumblondehair

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This isn’t your usual highlights. They actually blend graphite, quartz and oyster hues to hide inside the hair which makes it special. While walking or running, people can see the shimmering shades that your hair reveals. People become unsure if they really see the highlights or not. This is how the term ‘ghosted’ was created.

Hair stylists layer some semi-permanent colors throughout the hair to create the ghost effect. If you wanted this style, you need to tone a white hue to your hair to start off. It can help you to achieve that frosty snow white color.

Maintenance for this style is also the same with maintaining platinum blonde hair color. You need to visit a salon every 4-5 weeks for root touch up and gloss. People say that ghosted style makes your face more elegant and appealing. Any age can rock a ghosted hair style!