South Korean film Train To Busan made waves in 2016 when it put a new spin on the otherwise overused zombie subject. Moviegoers initially came in expecting the gore of a typical zombie film but left in tears after seeing Seok-woo (played by actor Gong Yoo) bid farewell to his beloved daughter Su-an (played by Kim Su-an) to keep her safe after he was bitten by a zombie. The film’s international success caused clamor for a sequel to be made though Director Yeon Sang-ho initially denied having plans to do so.

He has evidently changed his mind since then as fans just got their first look at the official cast and first teaser for the upcoming sequel entitled Bando (Korean for peninsula). The film, which is expected to be released in 2020, will not be a direct follow-up to Train to Busan. It will be set four years after the events of the first film, with the entire Korean peninsula having been overrun by zombies. With few humans left, the struggle to survive and possibly find a cure ensues.

Bando is set to follow a different set of characters than the ones fans may have come to love (and even mourn) from Train to Busan. The film’s main character Jung-suk will be played by Kang Dong-Won, who is also set to make his Hollywood debut in the upcoming film Tsunami LA. He will star along side actress Lee Jung-hyun who will play Min-jung and child actress Lee Rae as Joon-yi. Veterans and newcomers make up the rest of the principal cast which includes Kwon Hae-hyo, Kim Min-jae, and Goo Kyo-hwan.

Although the official trailer has yet to be released, Bando‘s teaser image already sends a strong message about the film’s possible direction.

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While we still have quite a long wait to go before Bando hits screens, fans can take the time to rewatch Train to Busan and its animated prequel Seoul Station to get back in the groove of Yeon’s cinematic zombie universe.

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