American fast fashion retailer Forever 21 is known for its trendy products–be it accessories, beauty products, home, and clothing both for men and women.

Recently, the daughters of the Forever 21’s founders Linda and Esther Chang decided to look deeper into beauty and opened a lifestyle brand which definitely appeals to millennials. Riley Rose, according to its owners, is a “dream world”, “lifestyle universe”, and a “high-sensory fantasy land”.

It offers a wide range of makeup, and inside its store is a beauty bar where you can try their products.

Photo credits: Riley Rose

In addition to makeup, they also have everyday essentials, candies, small housewares, stationery, and trendy accessories.

Photo credits: Riley Rose

According to the owners, Riley Rose is a beauty and lifestyle universe where play, discovery, and self-expression are celebrated. It fuses online possibility with real life community to create an experience where girls are inspired to indulge in their fantasies, run wild, and get lost.

The Riley Rose store is located at the Galleria mall in Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Here’s a closer look:

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