Valentine’s Day can get pretty nerve-racking. It comes with a lot of pressure as both of you have separate expectations and preparations. But the beauty of Valentine’s is being able to go on a “Date Night.” It’s this time of the month where you must transform yourselves into a gorgeous fine lady. Or it’s this time of the month where Valentine’s can be an excuse for nailing a flirty outfit.

Choosing a look can take too much time. Instead of worrying too much, take the time to get some beauty rest for you can just choose these 10 flirty yet simple and elegant outfits that will make the crowd go “wow.”

Casual Shirt + Ripped Jeans + Sneakers

Some women up to this day, prefer being reserve and conservative. If you’re sailing into this boat, a smart-casual outfit can be your go-to outfit. On a nerve-racking date where you worry about the topic, you’ll talk about, the food that you’ll be eating or the things that you can do after dating; comfortable clothes might just help to ease the tension that you’re feeling.

Wear a simple cotton shirt, whether printed or plain paired with ripped jeans and sneakers that will compliment your outfit. Although it’s simple, showing off a sneak-peek of your skin inside the ripped jeans can post a flirty tickle on your man’s naughty mind.

Aside from the fact that it enables you to move comfortably, you’re also stress-free from worrying about the weather for it can tolerate both warm and cold weather.

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