You’d think that with the abundant “hugot quotes” popularized throughout social media these days, Filipinos have the tendency to be bitter about their love-lives or relationships. But according to Pru Life UK‘s study, Filipinos are actually the second most satisfied race across Asia when it comes to relationships. In a study they’ve referred to as the Relationship Index (RI), Filipinos gained a 79% satisfactory rate.

Filipinos fall second out of the 10 countries that made it on the list. Vietnam ranks number one most satisfied with a satisfactory rate of 83%, followed by Philippines at 79% while Indonesia lands at 3rd with 73%. However, Filipinos have one of the highest satisfactory rankings when it comes to relationships between parents and children as well as peer-to-peer relationships.

When it comes to relationships however, PRU Life has determined and concluded that Filipino couples fight about money or financial matters at least once a week. Followed by other varied reasons for quarrels such as lack of time and technology.