As part and parcel of its efforts to continuously transform higher education in the country, Far Eastern University (FEU) introduces its Wellness and Recreation Program (WRP) in the first semester of academic year 2018-2019. This program replaces the traditional Physical Education system in favor of a more holistic approach.

WRP offers a wide range of non-traditional courses like wall climbing, zumba, tai chi, and yoga. FEU also introduces adaptive wellness and recreation, which are designed specifically for students with disabilities and health issues.

“We are always aware of the value of wellness & recreation in holistic development and that is why we are excited to introduce these classes to everyone,” says Dr. Ma. Teresa Trinidad Tinio, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. The courses will be offered to members of the FEU community including students, administrators, faculty, and staff.

The WRP will also have lectures that enrich the mind and create practical habits like mental health, social responsibility, nutrition, and financial wellness. Overall, this is part of FEU’s push for transformative learning in the Philippines, and hopes other schools will be encouraged to do the same.