Ellen DeGeneres To Play SATC’s New Samantha?

Last September, after the he says, she says and maybes, Jessica Parker confirmed that although it was true that Sex and the City is in the works, it will no longer be pursued. The cast of the film felt frustrated except for one. Kim Cattrall, known as the sex-obsessed on the film (Sex and the City), hit the headlines after she refused to reprise the role of Samantha again. The issues then lashed out that maybe Catrall is the one to blame.

Despite of calling all the drama ‘over’, questions to Jessica Parker just won’t stop.

Jessica Parker dropped by at the Ellen Show last Wednesday to talk about the return of the HBO series ‘Divorce’. And just like that, the conversation turned to the real state of the rumored sequel Sex and the City 3. Although she was the one who confirmed the cancellation of the film, she then twisted her statement with a hope by saying:

“I don’t know. Last week, I said ‘No’. Reality is brutal companion. I feel like maybe, I don’t know. Perhaps, we’ll find a way. Right now. I don’t know”

In fact, Jessica even thinks that the film can happen even without Samantha but just after the process she refer to as “period of grief”. But the crowd goes insane when she blasted up with the lines referring to Ellen:

“And then perhaps we’ll be able to consider, say, for instance, You playing Samantha”

Ellen being Ellen sarcastically responded:

“Yeah, that’s so me. That’s who I identify with on that show.”

So, will Ellen now be remembered as Samantha of Sex and the City and not the Dory of Finding Nemo? Well, perhaps let’s just give the film a break and give them the mourning process they needed.

The Ellen Show with Jessica Parker: