“I found a love for me, Darling just dive right in and follow my lead…”

When the news about the Divide Tour in the country being postponed popped up, I’m pretty sure most of us ended up sad. For months, we made ourselves contented from hearing his voice over the radio or YouTube. But last Sunday April 8, we all went crazy as we can finally hear our beloved man with a guitar, Ed Sheeran sing live at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


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Manila !

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For two hours, Sheerios sang their hearts out together with Ed, and some even cried because they’re really overwhelmed hearing him sing in front of them. We can’t blame them because who wouldn’t cry if you hear him tapping his guitar while singing “Promise that I will not take it personal, baby. If you’re moving on with someone new”? Or “Hallelujah. You were an angel in the shape of my mum”?

The immense feeling of Sheerios were shared all over the internet and we wouldn’t want to miss those out.

I’m pretty sure you’ll see Ed again, soon, dear.

Who wouldn’t be in love with this guy?

Di bale nang paos, basta nakita si Ed, kasama mga Sheerios!

True story.

“We keep this love in a photograph…”

Twitter-verse are united as well to give Ed the love he deserves.


Screaming unto the top of our lungs are not enough to show how we love you, Ed.

Team bahay may not be physically present at the concert, but they sure know how to support Ed all the way!

And lastly, even our celebs joined to witness the Divide tour that made Sheerios one.

Robi, haaaay

Sarah and Matteo surely found a love, right here.

Yes, Darren Espanto

After Divide, let’s save up again, because we’re claiming it, Ed will visit Manila in the future.

Leaving you with this motivational tweet…

PHOTO CREDIT: edsheeran.interested IG