Does The Apple Cider Vinegar Fad Really Make You Lose Weight?

Diet fads have been popular even before you were born. Women would device ways to attain the shape they weight, whether that’s absolutely skinny or simply curvy. Even in the age where embracing different body shapes is encouraged and promoted, it can’t be denied that diet fads are more rampant than ever. A particular diet fad that has been causing empty shelves in supermarkets is the apply cider vinegar diet fad, unlike diet pills that claim instant weight loss, the apple cider vinegar diet actually lets you lose weight gradually.

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Apple cider vinegar increases satiety which helps the body eat or crave less calories, eventually leading to weight loss. Because acid helps in the digestion of protein, which is also an essential to produce hormones, our hormones then becomes a tool to break down fat cells. Apple cider vinegar also helps faster digestion, that is why it is recommended for it to be diluted in a glass of water, with on one to two tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of honey to make the taste bearable. It is advised to have a glass of water at least an hour before a meal, in order to see gradual results.

A lot of the fans of the diet fad even recommends organic apple cider vinegar brands such as Bragg as it has been claimed organic ones work better. Now it’s not a head-scratcher why the brand is always out-of-stock in supermarkets. Aside the weight loss claims and facts, it is also believed that apply cider vinegar can detoxify the body and released toxins. Who would’ve thought that one of the most effective slimming tool is a natural product?

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