Fairy Tales, something that we had since our childhood, stories that we would hear, sometimes giving us lessons, sometimes to scare us into sleeping. They have changed from when we first had them. For some of us, the fairy tales that we would be familiar with would be Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Snow White.

Nowadays, the stories that people know would be Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. Which would be more commonly known as Frozen. A key factor to us thinking about such fairy tales would be how Disney portrays them, rare were the times that your parents would read you a book of these fairy tales, at least for me.


However, the fairy tales that we all know and love are lighthearted, a moral lesson, and they tend to follow the same tropes and characters. The prince, the princess, and the evil character who’s jealous of the princess. This has been the same since I was a child, and is going on until now.

I do feel however, that it would end up going full circle once more. Especially with the remake of our favorite classics, and with their other iterations that seem to peak the interest of those who do read. It would go back to the start, while progressing further at the same time. Because even though the younger generation knows more about the current fairy tales, they still know or at least become interested in the older ones due to our generation, which would cause a chain reaction for generations.

What do you think of today’s fairy tales? Do you prefer the ones before? Or now?