Couple In Batangas Pushes Through Wedding Ceremony During The Earthquake

A series of earthquakes have been boggling the country throughout the past week, and one of its most struck victims would be Batangas city. Last April 8, a tremor of magnitude 5.9 hit the city of Batangas at around 3 in the afternoon, causing several public establishments to shut down and bring its people outdoors to give priority to their safety. However, during the shaking, a couple was attending their wedding ceremony in Most Holy Trinity Parish in Batangas City. While many videos of the panic in SM City Batangas have gone viral, the church, located right next to the mall, decided to continue the wedding outdoors.

Because of safety precautions, the wedding guests and attendees had to leave the premises of the church. However, Aiz Andal posted on Facebook, on April 8 at 3 in the afternoon around the same hour as the reported earthquake, a picture of a couple having their wedding ceremony held outdoors at the steps of the church. No details about who the couple are or how the wedding was specifically transferred outdoors was shared. However, many netizens rejoiced using the hashtag, #LoveWins as they cheered for the sight of love despite the fear of tremor.

The Facebook photo has gained 2.8k reactions and over thousand shares (as of writing). Even after a big earthquake, Batangas has recorded roughly 900 aftershocks felt that is felt throughout random hours of the day. Netizens however continue to celebrate for the couple numerous of them have commented, “Tuloy ang kasal!”


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